Group Management Control Lock Box (X81-3)

Item No.:BAN-X81-3


Material:1.2mm thick Mild Steel

Dimension:306mm(L) x 303mm(W) x 104mm(T)



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1.Four unique secondary locks (marked A, B, C, D) and a central control lock.

2.Manufactured from Mild steel and plated in Grey.

3.28*12*2.5mm hooks fitted to the back plated which can hook the safety padlocks or keys.

4.Two 6.5mm keyhole type fixing slots in back.

5.Clear 3mm acrylic window in door designed to be broken in case of emergency to give access.

Product Advantages:

1.High quality locks under a "key restricted profile"which means they can not be duplicated without authorisation.

2.The clear window is designed to permit entry to the safe lockout box by breaking, in case of emergency.

3.All secondary locks are unique and are supplied complete with a brass tag, engrave with the key safe number and secondary lock identification.

4.The keys of 4 secondary locks with all differs.

5.The control keys recorded guranteeing no duplication.

6.The control key can be withdrawn in the locked & unlocked positions.

7.The secondary lock key can only removed in the locked position.

8.Contact us if you need customized service.