Fingerprint U lock ( US4 )

Item No.: US4

Material: Carbon steel lock body + nylon plastic coated

Size: 203 x 165 x 33mm

Weight: 700g

Color: Black


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1. These bicycle U-locks are easy to operate and are ideal for bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, gates and fences, lawn mowers, tools, toolbox ladder scooters, carriages, mopeds, motorcycles and more.

2. Aluminum alloy anti-theft lock core: not easy to rust, not easy to be smashed, improve safety.

3. It can be recharged with the mobile phone and used in multiple functions.

4. Material: Steel

5. Bold design: internal high-strength aluminum alloy lock body, wrapped with external silicone, safer to travel.

6. Unlock methods: Fingerprint unlock, password is used in emergency situation.